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Here’s a face mask that helps those with acne. The honey in the mask is a natural humectant, giving skin the moisture it needs. Cinnamon gently exfoliates your skin, and nutmeg acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, which can help reduce redness and swelling. The mask soothes the skin and helps prevent infection. Read More

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Sabrina Wind


Today I declare war on 20 pounds. I will win this war by May 24th, a date my son picked out. In the time between now and then, there will be no more compromise. No more it’s ok to eat some of that birthday cake – it’s a celebration. No more one piece won’t hurt anyone. No more it’s just the last bites of my kids plate, it’s only polite, I’m tired, or it’s that time of the month

Today begins the end of a journey I started 4 years ago. I lost 45 pounds then, but I never got to my goal weight. I stopped 10 pounds away. Now I’ve gained some of that back, so my goal is unfortunately more than 10 pounds (but less than 45 so that’s good). Read More

Holly Fulger

Barbie In Real Life

I loved playing Barbie with my sister. My sister’s Barbie was blonde and had a “bubble-cut” hair style. My Barbie was blonde as well, with longer hair. I thought Barbie was beautiful and could only dream of being like her. We had Barbie houses, Barbie cars, and all the Barbie clothes my mother would buy for us. My sister and I thought Barbie was the epitome of beauty. Read More


Keranique a is a line of hair care products made for women with thinning hair, and few of our lovely WTFlicka contributors had the chance to try out the product for themselves. Check out what they had to say about their results! Read More

Elle Davis

Blueberry Pie Face Mask

My daughter loves blueberries so we always have plenty on hand. One night while I was up, I was craving pie and came up with this blueberry pie face mask. I was gobbling the blueberries as I made this and took a few bites of the face mask. Read More

Holly Fulger

Seriously…The Thigh Gap?

I was doing a workshop a few months ago for teen girls. As my partner, makeup artist Melissa McNamara, and I were talking to the girls, the topic of “thigh gaps” came up. The thigh gap is that space between the thighs and the “gap” is what’s desired. Apparently, the bigger the gap the better. The girls we spoke with (and they were all girls, ranging in ages from 12 to 14) shared with us that many of the girls at their school were obsessed with thigh gaps, risking proper health so they could be skinny enough for that perfect “gap.” Read More