Let’s Give Dads Some Credit

Last Mother’s Day, this video went viral. A fake job posting was created for a position with 24/7 hours, no vacation time, limited breaks, a demanding boss, etc. Candidates (yes, people applied for it) were involved in video interviews and at the end of the interview it was revealed that this “toughest job” was that of a mom.


Tears were shed, people said they missed their mom, loved their mom, were going to call their mom, etc.

This video irritated me. Why?

Because I felt it totally discounted the roles that fathers play in their children’s lives. It’s all about mom. A mom’s kiss heals boo boos. A mom always knows what to say. Moms are superheroes and… dads? Well, they’re just the other parent.

Yes, I know the video was dedicated to moms for Mother’s Day so of course the point was to appreciate them, but I feel like dads get a bad rap in the parenting world all too often. When people post pictures about moms we get stuff like this:


When people post pictures about dads we see this


Yes it’s funny and, okay, it’s also true, but dads get the short end of the stick when it comes to the love and appreciation the internet has for parents. Moms are inspirational, doting, cookie-baking angels, and dads are neanderthals who don’t know toothpaste from diaper rash cream.

Guess what? Dads are equal parents. My Dad loved on me through my teenage depression episode just as much as my Mom did. My Dad stayed up late talking with me about life and love and boys just as much as my Mom did. My Dad taught me about humor, politics, and why it’s important to be well read on current events. He taught me how to bowl a strike and cultivated in me a love for great music. My Dad is awesome.

My husband, the father of my children, is also pretty incredible. He cuddles with our kids more than I do. He allows our two-year old to help crack eggs for breakfast. Even at their young ages, he is already instilling in both of our children the importance of problem solving and decision making. He’s already the favorite parent in the house. Just last week when he was sleeping, Lillian was mad at me and what did she do? She ran to our bedroom door and yelled, “Daddy!” Luke is an incredible father.

I don’t want to take away from the amazing job that moms do. I’m a mom and I know how hard this job is. But it’s just as hard for dads. I think it’s even more difficult because they’re fighting this caricature that’s been created portraying dads as drooling buffoons. Dads aren’t inept or incapable or bumbling idiots. They’re parents who love their kids just as much as moms do.

Can we start treating the fathers of this world with the same love and reverence we give to moms? They’ve earned it and they deserve it. This video is right on the money. Happy Father’s Day.

This post was originally featured on Toni’s blog.