Let’s Get Uncomfortable

The BadAssMama has never been one for New Year’s resolutions. But this year, the year that I hit the Big 4-0, seems to be as good a reason as any to break the rule.

This year, I resolve to get out of my comfort zone. To stretch my boundaries. Try something new.

You see, I’ve been stuck in a bit of a rut recently. And by recently, I mean since 2011. While I have learned to stop waiting for the other shoe to drop (no small feat, let me tell you!), I have not done such a great job at finding joy in the every day. Now, granted, this is not easy to do as a working mother with two-under-the-age-of six. It is oh so easy to fall into the trap of to-do list living. You know what I’m talking about – looking at your life as a never-ending list of things to be accomplished on any given day rather than actually something to be enjoyed. More doing than living.


There has GOT to be more to life than this. So, this year The BadAssMama is determined to shake things up and take the path less traveled. How can I possibly feel inspired when my life for the past few years has been remarkably similar to a somewhat fashionable hamster on an unforgiving, ever-turning wheel?

It’s time to break the cycle.

This year, I commit to try something new every week. A new workout, new restaurant, new hairstyle, new route to work, new game with my kids, new brown-bag lunch, new dinner recipe, new weekend routine, new tone of voice, new approach to parenting, new book, new music, new hobby, All in all, The BadAssMama is committing to a new attitude for the new year.

Are you in? How will YOU shake things up in 2013?

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