If you’re a new parent this Halloween, here’s some good news: You simply cannot go wrong when picking a Halloween costume for your baby.

Behold, 39 pieces of evidence that tiny humans will look insanely cute, whether they are dressed as pop culture icons, zoo animals or your favorite Disney characters.

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Wishing all of you a happy 4th of July! Enjoy this special 4th-themed picture gallery of awkward family photos. We hope you’re having as much fun today as these lovely, patriotic people are! (And that you’re dressed just as awesome)

Generally, I am not one to tell people how to live their lives. But if you’re a parent—for your own good—take my advice on these things you should really never do.

1. Take a good, close look at your walls. 

They will make you want to cry and then hose down your house with disinfectant.

2. Swear. 

Even if your kid still pronounces “banana” as “babana,” as soon as you drop a profanity word —just once—the little tyke will say it perfectly and repeatedly. In the most horrifying of places, of course. The doctor’s office or your grandmother’s house.

3. Assume that “the toddler who never gets into things” – won’t get into things. 

Our toddler was not the type of kid who would take my $900 camera off its hook, unearth it from its protective bag, and smear liquid hand soap all over it. But, oh yes he did.

4. Mistake silence for peace. 

Silence with kids in the house usually means one of three things:

1) They’re doing something they shouldn’t be.

2) They’ve exited the premises without you realizing it.

3) They’ve simultaneously knocked each other unconscious.

5. Reach out your hand when a 3-year-old says, “Here” 

Without looking to see what she’s giving you. I’ve been handed many boogers that way.

6. Stick your finger down the back of a diaper to see if it’s wet.

This one seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised.

7. Give a toddler an Oreo.

The combination of toddlers and Oreos creates a chemical reaction that makes matter multiply and spread like a virus. I’m still finding Oreo smears from the time I gave one to our daughter when she was three. She’s now eight.

8. Lean over a crouching child and startle them. 

A child’s head is a concrete wrecking ball and your nose is their bulls-eye. I’m surprised more parents aren’t killed by having their noses crushed into their brains by little kids’ heads. It hurts badly.

9. Tell a kid that the plugged toilet will overflow if they keep flushing it.

Without also explaining that that would be a bad thing. There’s nothing as exciting to a 4-year-old boy as an overflowing toilet.

10. Blink.

You’ll miss something. It might be something adorable, it might be something abominable, but either way, it’ll be something you didn’t want to miss.

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We’ve all had dreams of the perfect Mother’s Day.

Picture it: you wake up to breakfast in bread, complete with fresh flowers and good coffee. None of that instant shit – the real stuff that makes you feel like you’re on vacation somewhere exotic. Your partner has decided to take the kids for the entire day, dropping you off at the spa. Did we mention calories don’t exist on Mother’s Day? After you’re pampered, you indulge in every fried, fatty food your heart so desires! You end the night with a bottle of your favorite Shiraz and reruns of Sex and the City.


Obviously Mother’s Day is special no matter what, but let’s be honest: that ain’t nobody’s reality. Here’s what Mother’s Day looks like in your head vs. Mother’s Day in reality.

In your head:

You wake up feeling like a queen.

Felicity Hufman's What the Flicka-Mother's Day

In reality:

You wake up with loud noises aka your children jumping on your bed.

Felicity Huffman's What the Flicka-Mother's Day

In your head:

This is the coffee your family already has poured for you.

In reality:

The coffee you actually have.

Oh whatever, coffee is coffee.

In your head:

This is the breakfast you’re served (in bed, we should mention).

In reality:

They tried their best?

In your head:

Your kids get along with each other ALL DAY.

In reality:

Yep, accurate.

In your head:

You spend the day relaxing and pampering yourself.

In reality:

As a mom, this is just our default feeling.

In your head:

This is your partner for the day.

A clean house?! DREAMS!

In reality:

How your family really cleans.

In your head:

You share tender moments with your kids.

In reality:

Okay, okay. This actually happens. And yanno what? Your real Mother’s Day isn’t so bad after all.

(Would still like the clean house though).

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How is it already almost Mother’s Day?!

If you need a moment to freak out over how quickly time flies by, go ahead.



Feel better? GREAT. Now that we’ve all collectively had a meltdown over the fact that life goes by in the blink of an eye, we can talk about Mother’s Day, which is just around the corner. While the day means different things for everyone, we can all agree on one thing: funny cards are GREAT.

Here are 6 hilarious Mother’s Day cards that would make great gifts for any moms in your life, or for yourself! (Just forward this link to your partner/kids and send them a wink emoji in hopes that they’ll get the idea).

1. “You taught me how to bake, I taught you how to text.”

Felicity Huffman's What the Flicka-Text Card


A very accurate description of both the relationship we have with our own moms, and how our kids probably view us.

2. “It’s not easy being a mom. If it were, dad would do it.”

Felicity Huffman's What the Flicka-Funny Mother's Day Cards


We believe the proper word to use hear is, “AMEN.”

3. Mom Definition

Felicity Huffman's What the Flicka-Mom Definition


#2 especially. Can we have #2 tattooed on the inside of our kids’ eyelids? That’s not too intense, right?

4. Mom Jeans 

Felicity Huffman's What the Flicka-Mom Jeans


If this is true we’d better start embracing the height of our mom jeans.

5. Mom Was Right About Everything

Felicity Huffman's What the Flicka-Mother's Day Card


It’s something even moms don’t want to admit about their moms, but if we’re being honest it’s very accurate.

6. Sometimes a mom just needs a break.

Felicity Huffman's What the Flicka-Mother's day Cards


Us, always, forever.

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