Nobody knows exactly how much they’ll change when they get pregnant. But for Cheyenne from Superstore, the answer is apparently ‘not at all’.

Cheyenne went from a fun-loving teen to a … well pretty much the same exact thing. Sure, we didn’t all get pregnant in high school. But we can definitely relate to how much Cheyenne doesn’t give a crap about what people think or say about her. You keep showing your true colors, girl.

What CAN’T Jennifer Hudson do? She’s a singer, songwriter, actor, activist, and somehow she also finds the time to be an awesome mom. Honestly the thought of doing just one of those makes us exhausted.

So in honor of this tireless mama, we put together a few clips of her being her inspiring self. Here’s to you, J Hud!

Is there anything Ali Wong can’t do? She did a stand-up special while 8 months pregnant. She’s one of the best parts of the popular new show American Housewife. And through it all she’s an awesome mom to two kids. She’s one of our heroes, and we’re proud to call this funny mother our mom crush of the week.

Sookie St. James can do it all. She’s a great friend, a loving mom, a talented chef, and a hilariously smart woman. Sure she’s also a little bit of a klutz, and kind of a control freak. But nobody’s perfect, right?

So in honor of the return of Gilmore Girls to our tv, and in the spirit of being a good-enough mom, we’re dedicating this week’s Monday Mom Crush to Sookie.

Being a step-mom is tricky. You never know quite how to walk the line between friend and parent, you don’t want to overstep your boundaries but you still want to be a positive influence. Plus then there’s the spouse. How the hell does anyone do it?

There are some nasty step-moms in movies and tv, but there’s one that stands out as exactly the parent we want to be. Maria von Trapp is kind, fun, loving, responsible, and makes it all look easy. Plus she’s got a wicked good sense of style. So here’s the step-mama that continues to inspire us (even if we can’t sing).

Hillary Clinton is not just a famous politician, but she’s a badass mother and woman too. In this new interview, Ms. Clinton gets super candid about her life growing up, the guilt she sometimes feels as a working mother, and her passion for conquering her fears. It’s insanely inspiring! Especially what Hillary has to say about motherhood.

When asked by one of the women in the video – Chrisella Lim, who is a CEO and mother herself – if Hillary ever felt the guilt of being a working mother that so many women feel, her answer was powerful:

“Yes. All the time. I don’t know that it’s possible to escape that sense of guilt. When you become a mom, it is such an overwhelming experience and responsibility. You want to do right by that baby all the time. Everybody’s different. You have to decide what’s best for you.”

It’s so true – so often as moms we’re constantly compared to other moms. If we’re not working, we’re judged. If we are working, we’re judged. Instead of lifting one another up and encouraging one another, we’re in constant battle against one another. It’s so important, like Ms. Clinton says, to focus on what’s best for you and your family.

When asked about parenting and working, Hillary had more valuable insight:

“We’re the only advanced economy in the world that doesn’t have paid family leave. Wouldn’t that be a good thing?”

YES, IT WOULD. It’s so amazing to hear someone with the influence and power that Hillary possesses speaking so much truth. Paid family leave and paid sick days are instrumental in the health and wellbeing of a family, and families with working parents.

One of the best quotes in the interview (and trust us, there are tons), is Hillary on fear:

“You can’t be governed by fear. You cannot give into fear. You have to move from fear, to resolve, to resilience.” 

So powerful. Watch the full interview here.