History has taught us that parenthood is a very tiring and trying process. One where even during the good moments, it’s questionable because of the unknown tantrums that are lurking in the midst. Welp… these funny mom tweets make it a little more bearable!


*Emails the Sharktank team.*


Just hand them the iPad.


Actual tears 😂

They earned that rep!

Life comes at you fast.

Anything for pizza, TBH.

It’s been established that kids repel shoes actually.

Sometimes kids say funny shit. Well most of the time they do actually… because they don’t know how to lie just yet.
They’ll learn soon enough. Here’s some of the best tweets we’ve come across this week featuring our favorite humans… kids.


That’ll send him to bed on time every night!

Yikes 2x

Should be lucky I’m chauffeuring you in the first place!

Snuck in a few episodes of Breaking Bad while I was asleep eh?

Just like a crazy person.

What do you have to be cranky about?

Sometimes it’s your own parents… smh

Ask your digital aunties!

We love moms who are unapologetic about their bad “assery”… if that’s even a word. New mom, Serena Williams is definitely at the top of our list of women who are all about breaking mom-norms as well as records, promoting self-care, confidence and pushing boundaries. All while getting down to Beyonce. We’re pretty big fans of this champ, so we’re dedicating this Mom Crush Monday to her!

Let’s be honest… 2017 has been a shit show. But these hilarious tweets at least made the year a teeny bit bearable.

You should take some time out of your clusterf*ck of a day and get into these totally funny tweets about events, life with kids, shopping etc.

Look, I’m running on -8 hours of sleep. Don’t judge my actions!

*Sheds a tear for my delusional pre-child thinking.*

And will always out-asshole themselves daily.

Even his keyboard is disgusted by him and his mini hands.

And crying internally every day.

*Prepares self to hear the latest school yard drama between Jasmine and Becca.*

His misogynist ancestors are rolling in their graves… but are also confused about what a “twitter” is.

Technology never lies.

They can’t know all of your secrets!

Art imitates life… or vice versa?

No, but seriously who approved this?

Humble them real quick… there’s so much black mail potential.

Many of us would agree that it’s easier to communicate our feelings indirectly, with some sort of barrier separating ourselves and the other person – writing love letters, sending text messages, etc. But what if that divide didn’t exist? How much easier or harder would it be to convey those same emotions face-to-face, with no barrier to hide behind?

Echo Storytelling Agency, a writing and filmmaking company, came up with a project that allows fathers and their children to share the feelings that always seem to be the hardest to communicate – love and gratitude. Watch as these people ask their fathers the simplest, yet most difficult question to answer: “What about me makes you proud?”

This Father’s Day, if you have any strong emotions you’d like your fathers to know, be sure to #TellThemNow.

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Remember those posters that lined the walls of classrooms, featuring a kitten holding on by a tiny, little paw to a breaking branch, with the words “HANG IN THERE” thrown across it?

Inspiration posters 101! Well BuzzFeed recently made this hilarious list of inspirational posters with dad quotes. They are so spot on and so perfect – enjoy!

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