Latest Obsessions: Home Edition

Ok, this week it’s all about the house…

1. Dennis Basso faux Fur Throws: When I was home in Colorado over the Christmas Holidays, my sister, Jane, gave each of my girls these fantastic throws and I immediately was jealous. They are so soft, completely washable, and make you want to curl up and watch a movie or read a book. They also make a great baby present, birthday present, or just because present.

2. Jo Malone Candles: These are pricey, but so good. Orange blossom runs a close second to my favorite, pine and eucalyptus, which is sadly only sold around the winter holidays (I give them to myself for my birthday or Christmas).

3. Fuzzy Hangers: Eva Longoria turned me onto to these. They are so thin they magically increase your closet space. Fabric clings to them, clothes don’t fall off, and they make me feel like an organized grown up (which I am so not). You can get them online or at places like Target or Bed, Bath and Beyond.

4. Jewelry trees and ring holders: I don’t’ really have nice jewelry, but I love to wear a bunch of necklaces at a time. I used to hang them on the hand towel racks by the sink, throw them in drawers, or pop them in little Ziploc sandwich baggies. I spent a good amount of time untangling. Then my pal, Rebecca, who is an accessory aficionado, gave me a jewelry tree and it solved the problem. You can find them in tons of places, again like Bed,Bath and Beyond and has some really cute handmade ones.

5. Earthquake wax: Maybe it’s because I live in Southern California, but I love this stuff. And it’s not just for earthquakes. I use it for tons of other stuff: posters, keeping candles straight in holders, keeping my mouse pad in one place, etc. And it never leaves a mark on anything. As I get older I wish they had one for sticking my memory together!