The Kitchen is the New Living Room of the Home

One of my husband’s wedding vows was to “build you the house of your dreams”… and he has! But my own personal vow was to “build myself the kitchen of my dreams”… and I have! Thanks in large part to KraftMaid. In my humble opinion, the kitchen is the most important room in the house – as we all know it’s really the living room. My family LIVES in the kitchen: everything from homework, to dancing, to big fights and big laughs, to say nothing of the cooking and eating. I knew that if I got the kitchen right, I’d be well on my way to having a great house.

Form and function are never as critical as they are in a kitchen. If your cutlery drawer looks pretty but is under a workspace (personal experience), you will be saying “excuse me” for 20 years. Then again, if it’s all function but unappealing, it’s not a place your friends and family want to hang out. We wanted our cabinetry to have an old-time feel, but to take advantage of modern mechanics and organizational convenience. And most important of all, it needed to be well-made. Bill and I even considered having custom cabinets built until we found KraftMaid, which met all our requirements and was affordable.

When I look at a pair of shoes and see a red sole – I know it’s Christian Louboutin. When Bill looks at a drawer and sees dovetails, he feels the same kind of excitement. All I know is these KraftMaid cabinets will take a thermonuclear hit and keep opening. The mechanisms on the drawers and cabinets open and close with a whisper, and they have an idea for every drawer and cabinet configuration and detail you might ever want or need. I have a corner cabinet that is so magically designed, it almost feels like a little elf is handing you out dishes.

It’s a delight to be in my kitchen. KraftMaid has thought of things I didn’t even know I needed, but now can’t live without. I can’t wait for our family to have years and years of LIVING in this modern-day living room, and I have fulfilled my promise to myself!

This post was sponsored by KraftMaid. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.