Irish Kiss

In case you didn’t already know, I love coffee. LOVE it. It is the reason I live and breathe, it’s how I wake up in the mornings and quite honestly, it’s my anti-bitch device. In most cases, anyway. So when my friend found a cocktail recipe that includes coffee, I was all over it.

Bailey’s Irish Cream
Vanilla vodka
Half and Half (optional)

Your first step starts HOURS before you intend to serve your cocktail. HOURS! You will begin by brewing your favorite coffee (I recommend decaf unless you’re going for a different, more complicated kind of buzz) and pouring it into an ice cube tray. Then, freeze it – that’s right, we’re making coffee ice cubes!

When you’re ready for cocktail hour, place 3 – 4 coffee ice cubes into the bottom of a tumbler or cocktail glass. Then pour 3 shots of Bailey’s Irish Cream and 1 shot of vanilla vodka over the coffee cubes. Left this way, it’s very boozy so we added the half & half to cut it down just a bit. As tasty as this drink is, it gets even better as the coffee cubes melt. Yuummmmmm!


Image via Vaginacon