The Internet Challenge You’ll Want Your Kids To Take

There have been challenges upon challenges floating around the internet lately, ranging from the altruistically-focused (raise your hand if you participated in the ice bucket challenge) to less philanthropic efforts like the mousetrap challenge (raise what’s left of your hand if you tried that one out). We love a good challenge, especially when it’s something great we want our kids to get on board with!

Enter Shawn Johnson, who you may remember for her Olympic gymnastics domination in Beijing in 2008. She’s taking the internet by storm with her new self-love inspired “Body Beautiful” video challenge.

Apparently Shawn has been doing more lately than just lounging in a pile of Olympic medals (be honest – that’s what you’d be doing if you were her) and has started a website called The Body Department.  It’s a source of body-positive health, fitness, and wellness tips aimed at teen and college-aged girls.

We love this challenge, so we’re including Shawn’s instructions below to spread the message.

Body Beautiful Challenge Instructions:
1. Remove your makeup
2. Choose a part of your body that you love
3. Capture it all on video
4. Hashtag #BodyBeautiful, tag @thebodydept, and share on social media
5. Challenge 3 friends to do the same

Check out Shawn’s post on her site and see what she has to say about the challenge! Spoiler alert: she’s adorable, and we’d totally take her challenge too… if we had any makeup on to take off.