Inside Out: The Best of Both Worlds


In the “rebuilding” of my family home in Colorado, Bill wanted to create the illusion that the “original” house had been built in 1918, followed by an addition in the 1940s and a recent remodel. It was important that the inside and the outside reflect this idea, but also to utilize green technology.

The siding was the first stop. It is our feeling that when you factor in the fact that traditional wood siding needs more maintenance vs. the durability, strength, and low maintenance of engineered wood siding, engineered definitely has the edge. We found a great company called LP that makes LP SmartSide engineered wood siding in all sorts of styles. We chose one that looks like old painted wood to the extent that you can even see the grain in each piece. Seriously, you can be standing a foot from it and you’d think it’s wood. The finish is baked on at the factory, and the paint is guaranteed for 15 years. You don’t have to worry about termites, or rot, or the wear and tear of harsh Colorado winters.

To emphasize the “remodel” idea, we did two different sizes of siding and different window treatments. The exterior of the main house is simple and the “addition” is somewhat fancier, creating the generational feel we wanted.

FullSizeRender 56.jpg

On the inside, the Armstrong wide plank wood flooring (which I wrote of earlier) fits in beautifully with Bill’s Old/New house idea. The company has replicated the look of a 19th century floor, providing a hand-hewn finish and a 7½ inch width. Since it’s an engineered hardwood floor, it looks gorgeous, it fits a budget, and it installs so easily.

Photo Oct 18, 11 44 02 AM.jpg

Against those beautiful floors, our KraftMaid cabinets have the old-world charm we wanted. They are made of solid wood, and we chose upper cabinets with glass lights – which create a magical element and brighten the whole room.

Photo Apr 07, 5 40 41 PM.jpg

The soul of this house is about carrying on family traditions and experiencing history, but equally important for our family is taking advantage of the improvements that modern technology can bring to a home. Inside and out, we got the best of both worlds.

This post was sponsored by KraftMaid, LP SmartSide, and Armstrong Flooring. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.