“I’m So Cranky” Mom Parody of “Fancy”

There’s a lot of crankiness in my house. Whining, complaining, tantrum throwing … and that’s just from the adults. When the kids get in on it, forgettaboutit, it’s misery central over here.

One recent afternoon we were taking a looooong drive to go fishing. And you know how it goes: Long drive + kids = crankiness. When Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” came on the radio, my daughter changed the chorus and started singing, “I’m so cranky.” We thought it was hilarious and spent the rest of the ride making up lyrics, and before we knew it, we were at the fishing hole and (shockingly) no one was cranky anymore. AND we had the start of the lyrics to our next parody. My kids wanted this one to be kid-centric, so being the indulgent mom I am, of course I made it happen. Watch and enjoy our parody of Fancy!

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PPS- Thanks to my friend Jacquie Haggarty for introducing me to Ms. Iggy and suggesting I do this song. Apparently I take requests, LOL.

PPS- I’ve had a lot of requests for the “I’m So Cranky” lyrics, so here you go!

Originally posted at Deva’s blog