Hump Day Cocktail: Limoncello Martini

I have two words for you: Limoncello Martini. Holla! (I can’t pull off “Holla” in real life, so I thought I’d try it in print.)

Over Memorial Day weekend, I went out to dinner with my partner-in-crime, Donna. We tried this little place in a nearby town, called Limoncello. We both loved their signature Limoncello Martini so much that I immediately looked up the recipe and bought the ingredients to make our own the next day… except it tasted like lemon cough syrup. *shudder* I’ll be kind and spare you THAT recipe. A few days later, I called the restaurant and they were wonderful enough to give me the exact recipe. I shall love them forever and for always.

 And now, I am happy to share it with you…

Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka? - Hump Day Cocktail: Limoncello Martini
• 4 shots vanilla vodka
• 2 shots Limoncello
• 1 shot sour mix
• splash of Sprite

Add all of the ingredients, except the Sprite (because that would be bad), over ice in a martini shaker. Once shaken, pour into two, chilled martini glasses and then add the splash of Sprite to each.

This drink is DE-LISH! (I even had a dream about it last night. Don’t judge me.) It’s very light and not overly sweet, as the sour mix helps balance it out. This beverage is meant to be enjoyed with a friend, over a lovely dinner WITHOUT KIDS.


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