Hump Day Cocktail: Good Times Root Beer Float

Whoever invented whipped cream vodka is a genius and therefore, my new favorite person. I’ve used whipped cream vodka in one other cocktail recipe so far and because I have it on hand, I’ve been hoping to use it again. Well thanks to Pinterest (how did we we ever survive without it??) I found an amazing recipe that I enjoyed trying. Twice.

Root beer
Whipped Cream vodka
Whipped cream

Pour a shot (or two) of whipped cream vodka, to taste, over ice in a mason jar or cocktail glass and fill with root beer. Top it off by swirling whipped cream and sip away! This drink is a delicious throwback to the Root Beer Floats I had as a kid. (You know, except they had ice cream, instead of vodka. Minor details.) Though I believe this is the “healthier” option, as ice cream has more fat and calories, than vodka does. Always look on the bright side, friends. 🙂


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