How to Limit a Child’s Technology

Let’s face it – technology is becoming more and more predominant in our society with each passing day. Schools have iPads and kids have smartphones these days. That’s the reality that many of us as parents struggle to deal with. How much is too much technology? How do I haul my kid away from their gadgets without denying them of something so essential?

Watch as Dr. Shimi Kang explains how to properly handle your child’s technology usage while still allowing them to enjoy the advantages of growing up tech-savvy.

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There are a bunch of cool websites that I have been introduced to over the summer and I wanted to share them with you WTFlicka peeps and hear about ones that you love too. This week I’ll start with ones that are great for kids and what’s great for kids is usually great for parents.

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Dear A, We need to talk. First, I am sorry. When I wrote about throwing away your iPhone, I did not intend to equate you with a 2-year-old tantrum thrower. No way. You are the farthest thing from it.

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