How to De-Crazy Your Week

The work week can be a bitch. Between the evening commute, cranky kids, pets demanding attention (feed me! walk me! love me!), it can all add up to one massive emotional meltdown. So, what’s a busy mama to do? Here are a few tips to help take some of the crazy out of your work week:

Make Like Rachael Ray on Sunday There’s nothing worse than coming home after a crazy day and realizing that there are one or more humans waiting to be fed. And nine times out of ten cold cereal just ain’t gonna cut it (although in a pinch, anything goes). To avoid this workday trap, make multiple meals on Sunday. It takes just as long to cook 4 meals as it does to make 1, and this way you can actually look forward to what you’re going to eat on Wednesday night. Pop it in the oven or microwave to warm and you’re ready to rock!

Skip the shower Not completely, of course. But you can shave precious minutes off of the morning routine by switching your shower to the evening. In addition to giving you enough time to make sure you have on matching shoes before you walk out the door, nothing helps to relax you before hitting the sack like a nice warm shower (particularly if the kids are already in bed…)

Work the night shift If you fail to prepare, be prepared to fail. And nothing sets you up for an epic fail like leaving essential prep for the crazy morning hours. Do as much as you can during the evening hours. Pack lunches, review homework, check the next day’s schedule before you hit the sack.

Outsource I used to think that to be a good mom, I had to do everything myself. Homecooked meals, clean clothes, mopped floors. Then I realized that this was complete and utter bullshit. There are but so many hours in the day and your time is valuable. So, decide what’s most important to you and outsource the rest. Have your groceries delivered (Peapod and Fresh Direct are awesome). Hire a cleaning service or entrepreneurial teen to clean do your housework. And DO NOT feel guilty about it.

Be the routine Nothing throws off the morning schedule like lost car keys, dead cell batteries or a misplaced tote bag. Store your most-used items in the same, convenient location each day. I store my work bag and car keys right on the couch in our living room for easy access, keep a box with hats, scarves and gloves by the front door in the winter and swap out for a box with baseball hats and sunscreen in the warmer months. Hang coats on hooks that are easily accessible for the little guys for self-service.

How do you prepare for a crazy week?