How Do I Love Coffee? Let Me Count the ways…

As a child, there wasn’t a day that went by when I didn’t awake to the robust essence of my parents’ morning addiction drifting upstairs from the kitchen.

Though I’ve always adored the pleasant aroma of a fresh pot brewing, I didn’t begin drinking coffee until I was 33. The decade since my affair with coffee began, has been one of the longest surviving loves in my life, second only to my 17 year-old son.

It began when I accepted a position that required regular travel between Chicago and New York. Initially, I believed I would get by with the occasional Diet Coke in the morning, as I always had. Two weeks into the job, I understood why my colleagues were drinking coffee. I dove right into bold, dark roasts without dipping my toes into lighter varieties to test the waters. I guess that makes sense for me since I’m an all or nothing kind of girl.

Coffee became that “something-more” needed to help me survive the early morning drives to the airport, flight delays, long afternoon meetings, and the late nights that had invaded my life. It became a supportive friend that I could rely on without question.

Years later when my daughter was born and I began my stay-at-home mom career, my reliable friend remained true and provided the much needed support motherhood requires. And it’s stainless steel maker provided shiny entertainment for my newborn when I was desperate to brew my fix. We hit some bumps along the way during the pregnancy, but made it through in the end.

I’ve only recently realized how important my relationship with coffee has become. It’s my security blanket. When I’m in an uncomfortable situation, a mug of coffee keeps my hands busy so I don’t fidget nervously and give my too prideful self away. When necessary, holding a coffee mug just so, is a strategic plan to hide the, always present, I’m-a-mommy, stain on my blouses. When I don’t know the answer to one of my kids’ questions, taking a sip of coffee allows me to steal a moment in order to come up with something. Best of all, coffee simply has a way with bringing busy friends and family together for conversation.

I can’t imagine ever there be a replacement for my beloved coffee.

Sister coffee lovers, what’s your story?

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