Horace Mann Was A Douche

Oh man, I can’t believe we are almost at the end! It makes me so sad!

I want time to slow down and make summer stretch on and on. It’s like getting to the end of a really great book, so you read more and more slowly, in smaller and smaller increments to make it last. I want to live more slowly and make this last month of summer feel like two months. I want the mornings to be even MORE languid, with my family staying in their pajamas ‘till 2. I want the gentle summer evenings to stretch out endlessly. I want to hang onto having dinner at 8pm and not climbing into bed ‘till 11. Because we can! Because there’s NO SCHOOL TOMORROW! Yippee!

I know this isn’t very p.c. – but now that my kids are a pleasure to hang with, I hate school, and think Horace Mann was a douche for inventing them.

I admit, when my daughters were younger, summer vacation was fun for about 3 weeks. After that the shine quickly wore off. If I had to take one more trip to the park, play one more game of UNO, make one more healthy snack, I was going to run away to the heavenly island of oblivion, TARGET, and never come back. I couldn’t wait for school to start up again and be free of my kids.

But, now that my girls are 13 and 15 I realize these summers together have a short shelf life and their expiration date is fast approaching.

A Mom once told me, “If we do our jobs well, we work our way out of a career,” i.e. our kids won’t need us anymore. Pretty damn soon my girls won’t want to hang around making waffles late into the morning, or curl up in our bed watching movies late into the night.

I guess I should see that eventuality as a healthy thing, but these long summer days feel precious and few and I don’t want them to end.

Okay, well here’s what I am going to do. Be sad and full of longing for something that hasn’t even ended yet – because that’s the kind of crazy I am.

But also I am going to squeeze every moment of summer out of these last few weeks– and stay up late, and get up late, and make waffles, and swim in the pool, and maybe even play a few games of UNO for old times sake.

How are you guys spending these last few weeks?

What is your version of waffles and late summer nights?

I wish you Happy Last Weeks of Summer,



PS – WTF is up with school starting in August? There should be a law against that. Dumb ass school boards.