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Mind, Body, Spirit

I only have two regrets about telling my postpartum horror story on Episode 11 of  ‘Storytime Hour with Erica & Jolenta

1)    I failed to mention the messages my friends Paul and Rick left on my answering machine to and from my breast pump, respectively.

2)    I didn’t read the following email I received from another dear friend while I was in the depths of my postpartum despair:
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Mind, Body, Spirit
Erin K Moffat

Dentally Compatible

I’m going to let you in on a little secret—I can get a little self conscious about my saliva production. My orthodontist used to call me “Saliva Woman.” I recently apologized to my dentist for producing too much saliva and his assistant said, “don’t worry, that’s actually good! Saliva helps fight off bacteria.” Good to know! Read More


Drink The Kool-Aid

Okay, a bit of depression set in the other day when I stepped on the scale and realized I had gained more fluff than I was content with. The scale wasn’t the first alarm. The stitches in my pants had been crying out long before I stepped on the scale. Read More

Mind, Body, Spirit

The Complete Spring Clean

Ah, spring. A time of re-birth and new possibilities. In the early spring months, winter begins to loosen her icy grip to allow tender seedlings to blossom while buds burst from the branches of the trees. The warmer weather brings anticipation of Mother’s Day, graduations, Father’s Day and sunny beach vacations. Read More

Mind, Body, Spirit
Felicity Huffman

Thanks AHA, I Owe You One

It’s the end of Heart Month and my last posting in association with the American Heart Association. Since I learned we should only have ¾ tsp of salt every day and only 6 tsp of sugar every day (men can have 9 tsp – unfair!), and since sugar and salt are in everything, I have actually been Read More