Halloween Costume 911

I made my girls’ Halloween costumes for years. Don’t get mad at me, I was working in TV and had some of the best designers helping me in between shooting scenes and it helped mitigate my ever-present “mother guilt” about working.

Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka? - Halloween Costume 911
My daughter’s ugly doll costume that I made on the set of DH under the guidance of master designer Kathy Hendricks.

But this is the second year that I definitely HAVE the time to sew some cool costumes and definitely will NOT be doing that…’cause…I don’t want to.

So I found some good costume places online, and I want to share them with the WTF family. If you still have no clue what to do about Halloween costumes for this year, these sites can be a lifesaver.

As a general note, I looked for costumes that thought outside of the box. I looked for places that worked for all ages. My girls are 11 and 13 now and I wanted their costumes to be fun, and make girls feel pretty or scary or gross—without being slutty. “Tweens” often have Halloween parties and they want to feel awesome. The sites below give a lot of boy options too.

Hollywood Toys and Costumes

Why I like them: They are a top-rated site from Red Tricycle, they have been around since the 1950’s, and online they have every costume imaginable. There is even a Whoopie Cushion costume! Their selection and variety are incredible. They have some cool horror and gothic themed pieces. Only downside is the site is kind of clunky—the tabs on the side don’t seem to correspond with exactly what you are looking for. For example, if you click on Law Enforcement costumes, all sorts will pop up.

Costume Craze

Why I like them: Some of the most creative costumes I have seen on the web. There is something for everyone. Their costumes look well-made and age-appropriate. The girls can be anything from Juliet, to a Southern Belle, to a doctor or a vet. The boys can be anything from Indiana Jones, to Benjamin Franklin, to top hat and tails. Their baby costumes look plush and very comfortable.

Costume Express

Why I like them: They don’t have as much selection as the others, but they think of a look from head to toe. When you click on a costume, they will show you what other pieces to get with it to make sure your look is complete. I especially liked their animal costumes—they were fun and imaginative. Costume Express also has the easiest website to navigate.

Sophia’s Style

Why I like them: They have really great costumes for toddlers and younger children—that would be their strong suit. Not as much selection, but very cute stuff.

Happy Halloween,