You Guys! We are Three! Happy 3rd birthday WTF!

I ran into a friend and her 3-year-old daughter the other day, “Hi Bella,“ I said to the little girl. She turned her back to me hoping I would go away.

a historical reenactment

“How are you?” I continued. Since I didn’t disappear she decided she had to. So she turned back around, put both hands in front of her face, and BOOM she was invisible. She stood like that, stock still, the whole time I talked to her mother. That is what’s cool about being 3.

Anything is possible.

When I was 3 I thought I was an angel, until I told my older sister who said, “That’s so stupid. You’re not an angel: you’re a brat. AND you were born naked, so the doctor saw your butt, but I was born with diapers on.” Not sure how those two pieces of information came together… but to this day diapers and angels are linked in my mind.

But despite older sisters and hard reality, when you’re three almost anything is possible. You can be magical, fairies are real and so are monsters. You can become Spiderman or Superwoman in one breath. Three year olds dream big because they don’t know any better; limitations haven’t shrunk their world.

So, here at WTF, what do we want to be when we grow up? And when I say, “grow up” I mean grow up to be 4 years old. Because every 3 year old knows a FOUR year old is a BIG KID.

I keep thinking when WTF grows up it will be Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP. Because GOOP seems like the perfect website… so cool, so rich, so “In The Know.” GOOP seems like the cool 1st grader to my 3 year old WTF.

That’s just website-envy (which Freud wrote about), but dreaming big shouldn’t be about envy, it should be about possibilities.

My 3 Dreaming Big ideas for WTF:

1. That the WTF readership decides to do 3 things that scare us – and then we write about it. Or we take more naps – equally worthwhile.

2. I would love to make an annual WTF brunch and maybe even someday make it a destination brunch, like “Brunch in Hawaii for WTF!”. Wouldn’t that be cool!?

3. I want to quadruple our readership in the next year and, to that end, start categories like:

SAVE THE PLANET so people can share what they are doing personally and we can learn what is being done globally to save the planet.

MONEY AND POWER so we can be in charge of our finances and become smart investors.

POLITICAL SAVVY so we can weigh in on non-partisan issues like equal pay and childcare, and talk about what candidates and organizations support those issues. (Hmm do those sound boring? Would funny dog videos be a better idea?)

My 3 Dreaming Big ideas for myself are:

1. I want to be a television producer…okay, a successful television producer.

2. I want to keep the lines of communication open and safe with my two teenage daughters.

3. I want to be the kind of person who meditates and does yoga daily. Scratch that – I want to be the kind of person who LIKES to meditate and do yoga daily.

An actual awkward moment.
An actual awkward moment.

3B. (this writer gets an extra) Finally, when social anxiety is too much to bear – I would like to be able to cover my face with my hands and magically disappear.

Since you are a part of WTF and now are 3 years old (and isn’t it great to be three years old at something?), what 3 things do you want to dream big about in the next year? Send them on – we want to know.

Now go eat some birthday cake, and try and convince someone you are an angel. Because you kinda are.