Great Gatsby Inspired Cocktails

Looking for drinks for a summer party? Or planning on handing your kids off and drinking by yourself on the front porch? Great idea, either way. Transport yourself to West Egg and pretend its the 1920s with these five cocktails inspired by the inimitable Great Gatsby.

1.) Mint Julep

Great Gatsby Inspired Cocktails

We couldn’t kick this list off with any other drink. Obviously this is Daisy’s old standby and a perfectly icy, fresh classic.  Say it with us: ahhhh…

2.) French 75

Great Gatsby Inspired Cocktails

This drink looks super classy which obviously makes it a great fit. A creative cocktail made with champagne AND bourbon? Count us in!

3.) Tuxedo #2

Great Gatsby Inspired Cocktails

There’s nothing more appropriate for a big, extravagant party than a tuxedo. Trade in your martini for one of these and keep it classy!

4.) The Bees Knees

Great Gatsby Inspired Cocktails

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Not only is this drink named after one of our favorite 1920s expressions, but it’s made with honey and lemon which automatically makes it amazing. It’s like it was made for summer!

5.) 12-Mile Limit

Great Gatsby Inspired Cocktails

The 12 Mile Limit is named after a prohibition law so naturally you’ll feel really sneaky drinking it. Or something.