Ghetto Fabulous: The Art of Dressing Your Crew

I’m a busy lady.

I have a hard time putting myself together on a day-to-day basis, let alone my 4 kids UNDER THE AGE OF 8! In the morning, I’m lucky to get all 5 mouths brushed and faces washed before we head-out of the house. In the summer, it’s even worse. Without the order of school/work routine, I literally spend my entire summer in work-out shorts and a tank top with the slightest scent of florals and sweaty arm-pits. My kids are usually half-naked and hardly washed.

* Although, I give myself a little credit for brushing not only my hair, but my daughter’s too, so at least we look half-way decent.

I often joke that my daughter would make a killing in Tijuana selling Chiclet, and has the perfect orphan look to support herself panhandling if need be, but all jokes aside, shit gets exhausting playing dress-up every day. When baby #1 came into my world, he was my little GAP kid. Always dressed G.Q. for the sake of oohs and ahhs. The other kiddos got fairly the same treatment (especially our little princess) until they all started walking…I gave up on that feat reeeeaaal quick. My daughter, however, is quite the fashionista these days. Being 3 years-old and with older cousins, she’s gotten into dressing up in ghetto, mis-matched glamour attire. I don’t argue with her style, because it’s actually somewhat inspiring on occasion. My eldest (8) has recently acquired his older cousins clothes (14). Older cousin thought he would be nice and give eldest all of his over-sized clothes in hopes for brownie points for his generosity. Because eldest son is obsessed with older cousin, of course he wears those damn over-sized clothes on a daily basis. But at least he wears clothes. Son 3 often graces the public with the mind-set that clothes are optional; we are working on correcting this. Son 2, he gives me hope. He has a great sense of style and a good personal hygiene routine; his only problem seems to be putting his clothes on the right way, not backwards or inside-out.

The other day, my sister and I took our kids back-to-school shopping. This year, I was extra inspired to get my act together and send my kids back to school looking civilized, because I finally get to stay home and play house-wife. No more rushing out of the door with mis-matched shoes and peanut butter faces. We set out on a mission to buy clothing items and extra shoes (to make up for the 6 pairs each child seems to have destroyed or lost). In hope to help the Public’s Perception of the 4ACE Crew’s excessive amount of children, we made handy lists of must-haves and much-needed.

*Note: my kids are hardly neglected or in need of anything. In fact, if you were to look through the closets in my household, you would see an array of nice clothing, matching shoes and socks, clean under-wear and unstained pants; but, for some reason, my beasts opt for the orphan look each day if I don’t step-in and intervene.

So out of the car we went. Me, the sis, and our 7 children, ready to check-off our school lists and get organized for the year to come. As I did my routine assessment of the crew to take count and ensure no lost liabilities, there stands son 3: Never Fails- with no shoes, dirt-streaked face, and looking confident in his jeans and sweater vest (no shirt underneath, mind you) in 90 degree weather!

I’m not going to fret. There were no cameras around and in my guilt ridden moments, I tell myself that I am helping my children to develop their own sense of style.

With all this extra time on my hands staying home (the hardest job ever! Props to all the stay at home mommas), I plan to train the beasts to at least wear all the necessary/socially acceptable clothing items needed to maintain reasonable, without compromising their unique sense of style that I worked so hard to develop (wink, wink).

Do your kids leave the house looking descent every day? And if so, do you compromise your own “I’ve got it together” appearance to keep your kids looking good? Anyone??