The Genius Way To Sneak Healthy Food Into Your Kids’ Diets

My son, Bug, is a snackaholic.

No matter how much food I give him, he’s always on the prowl for more. He’s also very picky and likes variety. If he eats a cheese stick before lunch, he’ll want something crunchy in the afternoon. This is not a fight I’m going to win so I usually comply with his demands.

One night Bug had already devoured one of every snack in the house and I had no idea what to give him. Scanning the pantry I saw Cheerios, fruit snacks, cheese balls, animal crackers, Wheat Thins, and raisins. “Hmm,” I thought, “what would happen if I mix these all up in a bowl, would it pass the test?”

Not only did the Mix Up pass the test, it’s now a staple in our daily snack rotation. Bug loves being surprised by the ingredients. Also, it’s a great way to sneak healthy foods into his diet. I usually try to add in something that he would never eat solo but gobbles up when it’s mixed with stuff he loves. It’s like a makeshift Chex Mix but you get to control the ingredients!

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The beauty of the Mix Up is that it’s a pantry cleaner. You only need a few pieces of each item so it’s a great way to get rid of those lingering crackers or grapes that no one will eat.

The Mix Up pictured below has cheese balls, animal crackers, fruit snacks, cheese crackers, and Cheerios.

Here’s some of our favorite Mix Up ingredients:

  1. Grapes
  2. Diced raw carrots
  3. Dry cereal
  4. Raisins and dried cranberries
  5. Pirate’s Booty
  6. Pretzels
  7. M and M’s
  8. Crackers

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Just about anything bite size, not too sticky, and yummy. The possibilities are really endless so enjoy mixing it up!

This post was originally featured on Jenny’s blog, Express Bus Mama