Frida & Marilyn Jewelry

I’ve never been a fahionista. My sisters used to tease me saying that I dressed like a homeless man. In my defense, slouchy Gap clothes look great on models. But on me, let’s just say that if I was standing on a corner waiting to cross the street, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone threw some change at me.

But after I became a mom, it was crazy worse. Wearing a baseball cap, some cargo pants and a button-down shirt, I dropped my son off at school. His buddy said, “Oh, I didn’t recognize you. I thought you were a dude.”

That’s the moment Frida & Marilyn jewelry saved my femininity.

Designer Leyla McAuley finds the most fabulous vintage materials, deconstructs them then builds unique and intriguing earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. She prices them just right so that you can treat yourself to something nice without breaking the bank. Because Leyla is a Mom herself, she makes them nice and sturdy. We all know that kids love to play with Mom’s jewelry. When I wear her pieces, people always stop me to ask, “Where did you get that? I must have it!” And the best part of it is that, even if I’m dressed a little sloppy, I still feel pretty!

See her Etsy store here.