For Every 987 Bad Dates….

…you have a really fantastic one. That date where you close down the bar, then sit in the car talking for another hour, then text each other when you get home. I’d almost forgotten it was possible. But recently, I had one of those.

It’s funny how intangible that “thing” is, that chemistry – but when it’s there, it’s there. I also find it always happens when I least expect it. Well truth be told, it’s been a good while since it’s happened to me, so I have come to not expect it. It’s like this wonderful gift that drops out of the clear blue sky and makes you feel like some loony character in a musical who skips around and sings with birds. I can’t even write anything snarky or jaded, and haven’t had much of an appetite since, so I figure that even if this goes to hell in a hand basket maybe I’ll, at least, lose a few pounds in the process. In all sincerity, it is a wonderfully uncomfortable feeling and I’m forcing myself to simply stay in the moment and enjoy it.

Whatever happens on the next date, I needed to be reminded that this feeling exists, and makes it all worthwhile. Anyone else have any magical date stories to make us feel all warm and fuzzy?

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