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Sharon Rawlette

Easy Microwave Chai

One of my favorite cool-weather drinks is the chai latte. I used to have them only in coffee shops. That frothy goodness didn’t seem like something I could whip up at home. But I was wrong! With a little experimentation, I found a super-easy way to make a chai latte in the microwave, dirtying no more dishes than a mug and a single spoon. The recipe is so delicious that my husband and stepdaughter now request chai lattes all the time–and so simple that I’ve taught them how to make their own! Read More

Sinfully Good

This is one of my favorite go-to fall recipes because it’s easy, ridiculously tasty, and also super healthy.

I splurge and buy the pre-chopped butternut squash (and sometimes even the pre-chopped onion…shhh….don’t tell anyone!), and that renders the chopping prep that comes with most soups non-existent. Plus, my home smells incredible while the butternut squash is roasting. Yum! Read More

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Best Dressed

I have a rule in my house, no Halloween until October 1st. I hate how stores push holidays so early, it takes the fun out of it for me to see Halloween costumes already out in August. But it’s October so at my house we have finally made it to Halloween season, my favorite baking season. Halloween is all about playing with foods for me, but there’s so much more as well. I love to decorate my house, and I’m living vicariously through all of my friends’ posts about costumes. Read More

Sinfully Good

Last week I shared with you my grill menu challenge where I attempted to create an entire menu made on the grill. Aside from the delicious food, I wanted to make a creative cocktail and dessert, too. Who knew the grill had so much potential? These two recipes will not only wow your friends and family, they will mark your induction into the grill hall of fame. Read More

Sinfully Good

Completely Grilled Part 1- Chicken and Potato Salad

I have an affinity for outdoor grilling and thought it would be fun to see if I could compose an entire menu, start to finish, using my grill. The results were fan-flipping-tastic! If you need a new grill recipe, you’ve come to the right place. Next week, I’ll share with you my fantastic recipe for grilled cocktails (yes, I said cocktails!) and an amazing grilled dessert. Read More

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