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Lisa Witherspoon

Russian Tea

When it’s cold outside, there’s nothing quite as cozy as sitting by a fire in your fuzzy pajamas with a hot beverage.  Sometimes, however, I don’t really want coffee in the evenings before bedtime.  So, every year about this time, I whip up a batch of Russian Tea.

This stuff actually makes a fantastic teacher gift at Christmas.  Just put some in a pretty little container with a nice little label – DONE!  Several years ago, I was trying to decide on some Christams gifts for my girls’ teachers and remembered my mom making Russian tea for teachers when I was younger.  This particular recipe came from my mother in law and I’ve been told that it is some of the best ever!  (I would have to agree!)

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Leftovers: Tater Tots Recipe

We recently made an easy, delicious Monte Cristo sandwich with just a few ingredients in your fridge left over from the holidays! Today, my friend Stuart O’Keefe and I are back with another simple way to use left over turkey, ham, and mashed potatoes (click here to check out Stuart’s  Smooth Colcannon Mashed Potatoes recipe). Your family will go crazy over these Tater Tots. Not only are they super easy and quick to make, but they are a fun recipe to do with your kids. Enjoy! Read More

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Sinfully Good
Crystal Ponti

Divine Holiday Tea

Crock pots have so many uses, especially around the holidays. They can serve as another “oven”, keep things warm while you are busy preparing other dishes, or serve up the best hot beverages ever tasted. Spice up your holidays with this amazing recipe for Divine Holiday Tea (made in a crock pot). It’s perfect to serve at a holiday party or get together with the adults in your life. The sweetened condensed milk is awesome with the chai spices!

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Sinfully Good

There is a local restaurant near us that makes the most delicious chicken pot pie, I order it every time we eat there! Last spring we ended up ordering dinner to-go from this restaurant, and of course, I ordered my usual chicken pot pie. That’s when I discovered it wasn’t actually a pot pie–it was a puff pastry with the usual pot pie filling poured over the top! That’s when I thought…oh I can totally do that!

So I bought puff pastry that next week at the grocery store. Did you notice that I said this happened last spring? I kept thinking about it, and not making it. I don’t really know why. I even tried searching to find a recipe like what I wanted to create and I couldn’t find one! Last night I finally decided to go for it and the results were fantastic! Read More

Sinfully Good

Last week I just had to try this recipe from my friend Crystal at Mommifried. I love turkey and it’s one of those meals that I know my kids would eat without a fight, even the picky one and the local grocery store had turkey breasts on sale. Score!

And what goes with turkey and gravy better than mashed potatoes? Nothing, that’s what! My daughter requested these mashed potatoes and that made me realize I had not yet shared this recipe with you all, so here I am doing it now. Read More