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Sinfully Good

For much of my childhood I was a latchkey kid. Both parents worked, and several times every week I would come home to a note that read:

Crock Pot is in the fridge. Plug in on high. Love, Mom. Read More

Sinfully Good
Pat Geyer

Green Beer and Soda Bread

While I’ve been going a little overboard with the Irish lately (and this is coming from a guy named Patrick!!!), ’tis the season for it, so one more for the cooks preparing for St. Paddy’s day.

I started dating my wife six months before graduating college. Once we graduated she moved back to her hometown, Cleveland, and I to mine, Los Angeles. Over the ensuing months we continued to date long distance and less than five months after our separation, I proposed. She accepted my proposal and had already accepted entrance into graduate school at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Read More

Sinfully Good

One Helluva Sandwich

A number of months ago the Food Network Magazine (which I actually no longer get but since Mom does, I get to peruse it when she is done) had a special pull-out on dozens of grilled cheese recipes. While some were pretty close to your standard grilled cheese (bread with melted cheese in it and nothing more) there were many more that were somewhat unusual. Read More

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