Flicka Faves: Children’s Books

As I wrote last week, I love reading to my children. Every night we climb into our big bed and my husband and I read out loud. It’s a wonderful way to end the day, calm them down, and all of us to be together. The kids are hanging on every word and we are fighting to stay awake, but usually the words start to blur and one of the kids will shout, “bumblebees the size of walruses! What does that mean?” I reassure them that the author probably meant bumblebees the size of walnuts, but anyway it’s time for bed. Of course the kids always want more. “Please, just one more page? Just one more minute, just a little longer?” I think we have waffled enough in the past that they know the end point is negotiable. So, like most things that are annoying, it’s our own fault. Many years ago, my husband was putting one of our daughters down for bed and he was taking a really long time. I had a feeling he was giving in and being bullied by a 5 year old. Finally, I carefully opened her door and there was Bill sprawled out on the floor, dead asleep, with the book covering his face. My daughter who was dancing around his prostrate form, looked up at me and whispered, “shhh, Papa is taking a nap”.

Here are some books I loved reading to my children:

1. The Willoughby’s – Lois Lowry

2. Savvy – Ingrid Lay


3. The Wolves of Willoughby Chase – Joan Aiken

4. Old Yeller – Fred Gipson

5. Maggie Rose – Ruth Sawyer


TEA: This week’s tea is Wild Sweet Orange by TAZO. We went to a birthday party at one of those color-your-own-pottery places and made two small tea pots. So every morning each girl has their own little cup and pot and we feel very proper.

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