First Life Lesson – Consistency

[Editor’s note: This post is part of Sabrina’s “Road to the Half-Ironman” series. See part one here.]

When I was in high school, Mike, a boy who lived on my street, decided he was going to lose weight. So he woke up every morning at 5 AM, then he ran and lifted weights. He got himself in great shape. Every time I start a new workout routine, I always follow in Mike’s footsteps. I set my alarm for 6 am. Just need to be on the treadmill and running by 6:15. No problem. Easy. Piece of cake.

And it is. For the first day. And the second. Maybe the third. And then I convince myself I’ll workout at lunch. Which probably won’t happen. I lie to myself and I choose to believe it because then I don’t have to get out of bed. I love my bed. I could spend all day in my bed.

But the bed isn’t really the problem, is it? As someone who follows a face cleaning regime for awhile and then sleeps in my make-up everyday for a month… As someone who will spend a week cleaning up after myself every night, then weeks leaving a trail of old clothes and other stuff all over the house… Someone who will answer every email and stay on top of all correspondence and then will let it lie for months… I’m just really inconsistent.

But what’s the harm, right?

Except that when I went to get a test to help me prep for the months of training ahead, I found out that I’ve been training too hard for my body. It’s why I haven’t gotten stronger and better. Something I could have avoided if I had only been consistent in my workouts.

To fix this, I must workout CONSISTENTLY 5-6 days a week for the next two months per the schedule that was laid out by the coach. I’ll be retested in December. And if I have done my work correctly, the test will show it. If I don’t do my work correctly, I might not be ready for the half-ironman in July. So I need inspiration and I’ve found it in two people in my life. Very different kinds of support but both very powerful.

One – I have a friend on the east coast whom I text when I wake up. “Tell me to get out of bed.” And I get back some kind of inspirational message – “Stop being such a lazy butt and get up!” And the texting doesn’t stop until I say that I’m on the treadmill.

Two – I focus on my son. He’s 9. I need to show him what daily dedication looks like. I want to give him something to model.

I’m only two weeks in. It’s been crazy hard. I’m tired. And I love my bed. But when that alarm goes off, I realize it’s time. Time to show my friend who is texting me that I’m worth supporting, time to show myself that I can stick to something and it’s time to show my son that daily efforts can lead to amazing rewards.

So WTFlicka readers – Day 16, done. Wish me luck. I need it — 261 days to go!

How do you stay consistent?