Finally, Breastfeeding Moms Get the Anthem They DESERVE!

You probably thought you’d never see a full musical number about cracked nipples, but yet, here we are. The parody-happy company HelloFlo! has released a teaser for their new video “Postpartum: The Musical,” which will be released in its entirety next week and looks like it’s going to be a hilariously spot-on production about what happens after the baby comes, if the fact that they rhymed “chapped” with “trapped” is any indication.

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Sometimes (maybe even lots of times), we all need a little “mom juice”. In this beautifully touching video, moms were prompted with questions ranging from “what do you love most about your kids?” to “what was pregnancy like?” The latter prompted this succinct response: “That’s the weirdest shit anybody can ever deal with.” Truth.

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If you have “nipples the size of plates” then this song is for you!

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