March 1st marked the one year anniversary of WTF. We have a cool new design, we have kick-ass contributors and our community is growing. So I thought maybe we needed something grown up, like a mission statement. But that sounded scary and beyond my capabilities; I think only people who wear suits can write mission statements. So, as I sit here, still in my PJ’s after driving my kids to school, I thought I would write a little back story about the impetus for WTF.

I grew up in a house full of women. My mother had seven girls and one boy (the original Desperate Housewife), so I am used to doing everything by committee, which is both a strength and a weakness. My husband says that in order for all of us siblings to choose what movie to go to it takes 13 phone calls and 3 people cry. But we are a tribe and some of my happiest memories were the hours and hours we all spent sitting on kitchen counters talking, late nights spent crammed into our one tiny bathroom (that bears repeating — seven girls, one bathroom) smoking cigarettes and blowing the smoke out the window, laughing, advising, gossiping, crying and confessing. I started WHAT THE FLICKA? because I wanted to create a virtual kitchen or bathroom — without the cigarette smoke — where we could sit around talking, sharing advice, laughing, crying, empowering each other, because that is what my friends and family do for me. They encourage and allow me to be myself, just as I am, and that is ultimately very empowering to me.

Also I wanted to combine this type of support with practical hard won advice. I love advice. Everything from the best way to clean your sink, to what kind of jeans make your butt look good, to how to navigate despair and depression.
Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka? - Felicitations: Happy Birthday WTF!
I really wanted a recipe book for life, authored by women who have been there, done that, or are stumbling through like me. I don’t always want to discover things for myself and I definitely don’t want to learn the hard way if I can avoid it. Maybe it is a result of having so many older siblings who gave me advice about everything, but I cherish the short cuts, the hard earned advice, tips and tricks that are the treasures passed down from woman to woman.

Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka? - Felicitations: Happy Birthday WTF!
March 1, 2012 was born!

So, welcome to I am so glad you are here. Hop up on the counter, read, share, cry, and most importantly laugh. This is a safe, non-judgmental space. There is room for all of us: moms, non-moms, working moms, stay at home mom’s, depressed mom’s, lesbian moms, single moms, breast feeders, bottle feeders, cloth diapers, disposable diapers, home schoolers, Catholic schoolers… we’re all in this together, right?



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Happy New Year!

I always feel as if the New Year really starts in September. I am not sure what went into the decision to make it January 1st, probably really smart people have tons 0f irrefutable evidence about why January makes more sense, but it seems really random to me. September makes much more sense.

But as I said Happy New Year!

I used to make all sorts of New Year’s resolutions; they usually included losing 10 pounds and getting a part in a Woody Allen film. But Woody has yet to call, and I am the same size I have always been.

So, to play it safe and to put to use the old adage, “Making mistakes is the only way you learn,” I put together a list of things that I hope never happen again.

What I Hope I Don’t Repeat In 2013:
1. Burning my daughter’s ear really badly with the curling iron, after getting mad at her for being scared I was going to burn her ear really badly.
2. Pooping on the recovery table at my inaugural colonoscopy. Then having to call over the male nurse and say, “I pooped on the table… sorry.”
3. Getting really drunk at The Golden Globes with my bff Sarah Paulson and laughing so hard I almost peed in my pants (it was a gown) and literally falling on my face. (Okay, that one was actually fun.)
4. Losing my daughter for two hours on a mountain biking trail, I thought she had been abducted, my husband thought she had been eaten by a bear.
5. Watching my friend lose his wife to breast cancer.
6. Witnessing the devastation of Hurricane Sandy.
7. Watching the headlines as another school shooting takes place.
8. Having elected officials who say and believe in things like “legitimate rape” and “God’s plan.” Let’s finally agree that God has no plan for rape, legitimate or otherwise. (And really, what is legitimate rape?)
9. Losing my car in underground parking over and over and over again. If stress could be measured in pounds I have carried a small Mack truck looking for my damn car. The upside is I made a lot of good friends who work in underground parking structures all over L.A. and I am very comfortable riding around in golf carts clicking my key.
10. Having a “take-a-picture-of-your-butt” party with my two girls and then actually seeing what my butt looks like from behind. I have memory burn from that one, but the lighting was really bad, and my butt was really tired.

Have a happy, blessed New Year.

PS. This is Felicitations #1; Part Two, is coming tomorrow — unless you are subscribed to my newsletter; then you’ve already received Part Two in your inbox this morning!




*Editor’s Note: Felicitations is a monthly letter from Felicity Huffman that premieres in our Newsletter before being published on the site. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter for other exclusives, updates, and giveaways from