Felicitations: What I Hope For All of YOU in 2013

Yesterday I wrote about what I hope doesn’t repeat in 2013, and since as I said, I can’t seem to follow through on any resolutions myself, I thought I would come up with some for you; again, putting to use another old adage, “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.

What I Hope For All of You in 2013:
1. That you make enough money so you don’t have to worry.
2. That your health is good and it doesn’t hurt to walk.
3. That you fit into the same pair of pants as you did in 2012 or smaller or bigger, depending on your wish.
4. That you find such a good book, you don’t want it to end, so you read slower and slower, only to discover it is the first of a five book series.
5. That you still love and like your partner or that you walk out the door and never look back.
6. That you realize that alimony you have been paying is the best money you have ever spent.
7. That you let that asshole driver who wants to cut you off, go ahead and cut you off, give him or her friendly wave and wish them well.
8. That you take lots of naps.
9. That you eat wonderful food that makes you happy to be alive.
10. That you look in the mirror and find one thing that you really like about yourself and say it out loud. It’s an old actor’s trick; it’s harder to bullshit when you say it out loud.
11. That you lessen your carbon footprint.
12. That you laugh so hard your stomach hurts.
13. That you feel really loved and really seen.
14. That you give back to your community or your country or your world.
15. That every day you have a moment or two of real gratitude.

This is my first proper newsletter to our little WTF community, and I want to close by saying I am grateful to all of you for making this a funny, safe, enriching community. I am honored to be in the midst of all of you fabulous, brave, and honest women.

Here is to 2013. Peace and Joy.


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