Felicitations For October: Let’s #MakeStuff

“Happy October! How crazy that it is already fall? For this year’s first autumnal Felicitations, I’m excited to introduce to you food crafter and fellow mother, Sarah Michelle Gellar. We are welcoming her as this month’s guest editor for What The Flicka!” – Felicity

I am so excited to be the guest editor on What the Flicka this month! Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, even in Southern California where children decorate pumpkins in their bathing suits!

I’ve chosen #makestuff as What The Flicka’s theme for October and contributors will be sharing their own experiences with crafting and spending fun, quality time with their kids. I thought this would be perfect, as October is all about the creative and spirited holiday of Halloween!

Anyone that knows me knows of my crafting love (read: obsession). As a child I always loved art class even though I was by no means the most talented. As an adult I discovered crafting. Whether its food, jewelry, flowers, photography, crafting can be found everywhere.

I recently took my passion for crafting and turned it into a business. This week we officially launched Foodstirs, a culinary lifestyle brand focused on healthier and creative baking kits! The idea came after my friend and Co-founder, Galit Laibow, and I went shopping to recreate all those Pinterest pins we saved, and realized not only were the available ingredients not appealing or good for you, but it took a lot of work to make something that took only a few seconds to save on a board. So after a year of recipe tasting and brand building, Foodstirs is up and running!

Now not all crafts are created equal…or edible in this case! Another great creative outlet we do as a family is painting. Sometimes we will roll out a large canvas, sometimes it is project based, and one time we even painted all of my husbands old sneakers (another great way to get your men to clean out their closet).

We also love family story time. Some nights, (or even) days, we all pile into bed and one kid picks a random word and off we go. We take turns adding to the story, and just listen, as it gets crazier and crazier. The last story started with the word Monkey from dad, then my daughter named it Chi-Chi and my two and half year old added the word pinch (thanks preschool) and suddenly we began the tale of Chi-Chi the pinching monkey.

For this month you can expect me to try out holiday apples, ghoulish cupcakes, leaf art, and DIY costumes for the kids. So share your stories with me and #makestuff this month. It may be DIY Halloween costumes (see my inspo here), fun fall decorations, or even a ghost themed cookie!