Real Mom Makeup Tutorial

There are a zillion makeup tutorials out there. But I haven’t been able to find one that shows what it’s REALLY like to try to put on makeup when you have kids. So I made my own. Here’s my Real Mom Makeup Tutorial. Watch and enjoy! You’ll learn a ton (no you won’t) and laugh away. READ MORE

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Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka? - Felicity Huffman Forbes Interview

Felicity Huffman on Feminism, What The Flicka?, and the Myth of the “Perfect Mother”

Felicity Huffman recently attended the 2014 Forbes Women’s Summit in NYC, where she took part in the “Feminism Redefined” panel. While at the Summit, Felicity sat down for an interview with Forbes to chat about What the Flicka?, feminism, and dismantling the idea of the “perfect mother.” READ MORE

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You're Gonna Love This
Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka - Summer Activities

20 Activities To Keep Your Kids Occupied This Summer

We love creative ideas to keep kids’ brains from rotting during the long summer months. They can only watch TV for so long, right? Well, to follow up last year’s list of 25 DIY summer activities for kids (which is...Read More
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  • Do Disneyland Characters Smile Inside Their Costumes?

    Disneyland is all kinds of fun… until a giant unapologetic dog breaks your phone after trying to take a selfie....

  • Independence Day Parfait: The Ultimate Fourth of July Dessert

    Check out this easy recipe for the “Independence Day Parfait.” The perfect 4th of July dessert / treat. It’s Jello-ie, custardy, angel food cakey goodness! ...

  • The Hunt
    Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka - Age Gap in Relationships

    Age Gaps in Relationships: Making It Work

    People make a lot of fuss about “summer-winter relationships” but the fact is that they can be enjoyable and fulfilling – if occasionally challenging – for both parties in the couple....Read More
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  • Recipe: Crispy Cheese

    When I started low carb several years ago I was militant. Nothing that was over a small handful of carbs was allowed on the plate. No corn, no carrots and of course no chips or crackers. Unfortunately this meant a lot of the same things ov...

  • This Dad Found A Unique Way To Entertain The Heck Out Of His Daughter!

    Those infectious giggles are the cutest thing ever! This little girl is having the greatest time in this one-sided food fight with her dad....

  • Infant/ToddlersTerrible Teens
    Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka - Teenagers vs. Toddlers
    Beth Markley

    The Good, The Bad, & The Terribly Stinky: Toddlers vs. Teens

    I was at a meeting recently with a couple of other parents, making small talk about our kids.

    One woman had younger children. Preschool, maybe. Just emerging from mommy-and-me-gymnastics stage and entering into the “Let’s see what kind of activity keeps you most interested but doesn’t cost me an arm and a leg” phase.

    The guy in our group had teen girls, big into soccer. Travel leagues. Sometimes the family had concurrent games in towns on opposite ends of the state. The kinds of games college recruiters attend, so God forbid your kid misses one, or you miss watching your kid play one, in favor of watching the other kid at her game. READ MORE

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  • When Ezra Met Anton

    It always happens. Right as I am about to list my teenager for sale on eBay, something happens that convinces me that all hope is not lost. Last week, in the wake of his lost extra credit assignments, failure to give notification of schedul...

  • Top 5 Award Winning Movies To Re-Watch This Summer

    Need a break? Us too! Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean we have to be active and running around and outside all the time.  For those days when you just need to take two hours in the dark with a great movie, we made this lis...

  • Mommytube

    Our New Mom Anthem: “I’m Not Fancy”

    It’s like it was written just for us. READ MORE

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  • Ever Had Trouble Staying Awake? This Kid Gets It.

    We’re already well acquainted with the variety of places and positions in which kids will fall asleep. That doesn’t keep them from being hilarious!...

  • Autumn Aspirations

    The days are getting shorter and it’s finally beginning to feel like fall. With a chill in the air, you can now drink a cup of coffee without breaking a sweat. If you’re like me, your obsession with creating a cozy house is being fueled...