Father’s Day Memories from What The Flicka

To celebrate Father’s Day, we asked our contributors to share their favorite memory of their dad.

Danielle Herzog
My favorite memory of my dad is him making us quizzes to test us on things we were learning at school. And he would even make you write your name on top as if it were the real deal!

Rachel Schinderman
At my wedding, my step-father (who legally adopted me when I was 19), gave a speech for my father who died when I was four years old. What he said was lovely and moving, but how he said it was truly selfless. By sharing the stage with my deceased father, it was the the perfect merging of these two important men in my life on one of the most important days.

Jennifer Sando
My Dad makes the BEST biscuits and gravy! When I was younger, he would make my friends and I breakfast while dancing in the kitchen. He also gave the most fun “bucking bronco” rides when I was a kid and now my boys get to ride the bronco, too!

Julia Arnold
Running together early in the morning in the Outer Banks during summer vacations.

Beka Shane Denter

My favorite memory of my father is of him sitting at the foot of my bed singing “Midnight Train to Georgia” while playing guitar.

Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka? - Father's Day Memories

Florence Escravage
My father’s morale had really taken a hit. He came to my house for lunch and I greeted a man who had finally opened himself up. There was no façade, no pride or reserve. It was the best exchange I ever had with my father. He’s since returned to his posture of a solid and invincible man of 74 years of age, and our conversations are much less rich…

Beth Markley

Dad was superb at giving compliments. He’d never say something like “oh, what a nice drawing of a horse,” and leave it at that. He’d follow it up with “I like the way you caught the play of light on his coat, and the detail on the muscles, it’s almost like I can feel him running.” His thoughtful and specific comments made me feel like I was truly the center of his universe for that moment.

Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka? - Father's Day Memories

Erin Moffat

All of my memories of my Dad are my favorite because I think that he’s the best. If I had to recall just one. My Grandparents owned an old fashioned soda shop. My Dad walked down every morning for coffee and to get the newspaper. On Saturday’s he’d take us with him. My grandfather always behind the counter. It’s where my parents first met. I would get a strawberry milk or once in a while the special treat of a strawberry soda before breakfast. We’d get a little something like a candy, and walk home.