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Live Chat w/Felicity Huffman

Did you guys catch Felicity’s first ever live stream? If you missed it, no worries, we’ve got the full chat here for you! Watch as Felicity answers your questions about motherhood, the meaning behind the What The Flicka? name, her...Read More
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  • Holly Fulger

    Can I Love Fashion And Still Be A Feminist?

    Can I love fashion and makeup and still be a feminist? This question has plagued me my entire life. Can makeup and fashion be a tool for self-expression and not a means to hide or conform to society? When I was 19 I was in Australia visitin...

  • Ashlen "the Kidspert" Sheaffer

    What If Parents Followed Through On All Those False Threats They Use To Motivate Their Kids?

    I’m queen of empty threats with my kids. “Eat your dinner or I’ll never feed you again.” “Get ready or I’ll leave you here by yourself.” “Stop or we’ll leave the store.” Experts say empty threats arenR...

  • Live Chats
    Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka? - Felicity Huffman LIVE Q+A!

    Felicity Huffman LIVE Q+A!

    Felicity Huffman will be hosting a LIVE Q+A on the What The Flicka? Facebook page this Monday, March 5th. She will be answering your questions and will be chatting about What The Flicka? LIVE from her computer! This is the first...Read More
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  • Elle Davis

    DIY Puffy Paint

    This homemade puffy paint was a really big hit and it was a lot of fun when it came to painting with it. Yeah, the hummingbird liked it too. hehe The little bird enjoyed this so much and loved helping me make the paint, putting her art work...

  • What The Flicka

    Wait For It….

    Mom’s reaction is definitely the best part of this video. ...