Embrace Your Booty Image

Some may call me…


However, I’d prefer if you would kindly refer to me as… Chubbylicious!! Girl Got the Muffin Top On!!!

Like a lot women, I have a relationship with food. It’s not sustenance, it’s a relationship! Food and I have tried to break up numerous times but we just keep getting back together. Ice Cream and I went on a break for several months without spending the night together, but I gave in. I’ve tried a lot of diets and they worked but the key is sticking to them. I fail! Big time! It’s hard to ride that pony! I keep falling off!

I guess you could also say that I’ve had body image issues since high school. I was thin but thought that I was fat. There was always something that I wanted to fix. I know that body image is a huge deal for a lot of people. I’ve found that the more that I obsess over my weight, and what I eat, the more weight I gain. After several conversations with my niece over the past few months, I have made a pact with myself that I need to love myself for who I am because, at the end of the day, I wasn’t happy with myself when I was thin either. I don’t want to take my body image issues and pass them down through generations.

People tell me or society or whomever that I should hate my body because I’m packing a few extra pounds. However, when I look in the mirror, (although there are times that I see a hideous beast staring back at me) for the most part I don’t hate my body. I honestly like my shape! It took my 4 year old niece to make me see the glass as half full, and give me a positive body image. I should be teaching her about positive body image. In a section I’d like to call “Sh*t My Niece Says…”

NIECE: I don’t want you to leave… (INSERT sad face puppy dog eyes)
ME: Don’t you want me to go to the gym and get in shape so that I have more energy to play with you?
NIECE: No, I like you squishy!

NIECE: Your boobs are so big! Are they real or water balloons?
ME: Real
NIECE: When I grow up I wanna have big boobs and a chubby butt just like you.

The truth is my niece loves me just as I am. Squishy! Does she notice my butt is chubbier than her mommy’s? Clearly! However, it is the role that I’m playing in her life and not the rolls on my body. She isn’t judging my flaws or my weaknesses. She just enjoys spending time with me because we have fun. She’s 4!

What she gave me is perspective! It’s all about perspective. I once worked with a woman who said that I was her goal weight. While I’m looking at someone else as my goal weight. A few years ago when I got fitted for a costume in a play the seamstress asked “how much do you weigh?” I said “A buck 85.” She said “are you sure?” I said “Fine, I’m a buck 65 plus boobs!” So there!

In some industries you’re required or expected to have a certain physique. We do live in a very visual society, but I think that beauty ultimately does come from within. Health and wellness do too! The good looking outside is just an added bonus! I’m attempting to do my best to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle even if I fail and fall off of the pony. If you don’t love yourself fat, you won’t love yourself thin, or in between. At least I didn’t!

I know that it sucks when you’re jeans don’t fit and you want to drop that extra 5 pounds. I know that you probably have a pair of skinny jeans that you’re “going” to fit back into. Mine are an old pair of Levi’s and I can “almost,” get them up my thighs.

If someone calls you fat (or says something about you that is rude or negative in general) the only thing that they should have is your rear view. That’s Booty Image! Ow! Get it! SNAP! When someone tells you that they hope to have big boobs and a chubby butt when they grow up and you embrace it, that’s a positive Body Image. You can have both! Rock it out!

Now go forth into the world and be someone else’s goal weight! Girl, get your confidence on!! Even if the girl got the spare tire, the pizza crust, or the junk in da trunk!!!