Drunk Moms Talk About Their Kids

Sometimes (maybe even lots of times), we all need a little “mom juice”.

In this beautifully touching video, moms were prompted with questions ranging from “what do you love most about your kids?” to “what was pregnancy like?”

The latter prompted this succinct response:

“That’s the weirdest shit anybody can ever deal with.”


Some other gems include:

“If it wasn’t for sesame street, I wouldn’t take a shit by myself.”

“I love when she puts her tiny little hand against my cheek and says ‘mommy i love you’ and then the next thing that happens is she shoves a f*cking finger up my nose.”

“I have so much grey hair now. I used to have like… freedom!”

Ahhh, motherhood.

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The next time your kid’s mistake effs up a whole load of laundry, how about letting some of these fly? What do you mean, that’s not as satisfying? Oh who gives a shit if your kids are over there. Let out the world’s biggest “F*********CK!!” if the situation warrants it. You can pay for their therapy later.

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