My Door is Still Locked. Let’s Eat!

Have you set goals for yourself? No, I’m not referring to endless spewing of New Year’s resolutions through December only to wake up & give up by January second. What I am referring to, are things you will actually follow through with. Wait, what? You mean I actually have to follow through with those pesky goals? Yes, it’s a good idea if you’d ever like to move forward. If you’d prefer, you can stagnate. Yes, that word is just as ugly as these next words I’m about to introduce to you:


There, I said it. Isn’t admission the first step to recovery? If only it were that easy.

I can snarf down a box of thin mints like nobody’s business. I don’t even need milk. All I need is ammunition, otherwise known to me as, an emotion. Happy, sad, take your pick. It doesn’t matter. To name just a few instances:

I lost weight. Let’s eat.

I gained weight. Let’s eat.

My Mama’s, Daddy’s, Sister’s fifth cousin is graduating from college. Let’s eat.

A Desperate Housewives marathon is on. Let’s eat.

It’s Tuesday. Let’s eat.

See the pattern? Yup, me too. Now, if I only knew what to do to heal it from the inside out, not just just bandage it, like I’ve been doing for the last twenty-eight years.

I’ve tried absolutely everything from dieting to obsessive workout routines. Dieting does not work for me. Maybe it works for you; if so, that’s fantastic! Whatever your key may be, utilize it & open that door! I have obviously not found my key just yet. My door is still locked.

For the last fourteen months, I have been making healthier choices as far as food & exercise. Exercise has never really been an issue for me. I’ve always been active. Food, however, is my demise. This is my absolute longest interval to date with healthier food choices. That, in itself, is a great accomplishment for me. I don’t quit because I’m an emotional overeater, I continue because I’m an emotional overeater. That’s what has changed for me.

Someday, I hope to find my key & unlock my door. Until then, Christmas time is upon us, let’s eat!

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