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Don’t Drink & Online Date

I swear, I’m usually very responsible when it comes to drinking and online dating. I know my limit and when to stay off-line. At the very least, I have some water and wait 45 minutes before opening my laptop.

But the other night I slipped, and after a few (who’s counting) cocktails, I proceeded to go on a rampage on OkCupid – messaging, seeking, responding… I was recklessly online dating. The next morning, head pounding, I sheepishly looked back on the damage I’d done. It was bad. I’d responded to a sweet message from a cute guy with a rant about Rick Santorum, I had managed to set up a date with a guy who had a ketchup bottle for his profile picture, and I’d put up way too many childhood pictures of myself. I realized that while I hadn’t harmed anyone this time, I certainly hadn’t done any good.

So with you as my witness, I’m making this promise: next time I come home alone after a few drinks and am tempted to open up my laptop, I will remind myself that I could seriously harm myself or others… or at least, sabotage my already suffering dating life.

Don’t do it. Don’t drink and online date.

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Ellen Etten is an actress, writer, and serial dater in Los Angeles. She recently wrote and starred in the webseries “LA’d” based on her online dating experiences, which you can watch at www.ellensdatinglife.com. Ellen is a proud graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts where she studied at The Atlantic Theater Company. Please contact her with any ...