Don’t Drink & Online Date

I swear, I’m usually very responsible when it comes to drinking and online dating. I know my limit and when to stay off-line. At the very least, I have some water and wait 45 minutes before opening my laptop.

But the other night I slipped, and after a few (who’s counting) cocktails, I proceeded to go on a rampage on OkCupid – messaging, seeking, responding… I was recklessly online dating. The next morning, head pounding, I sheepishly looked back on the damage I’d done. It was bad. I’d responded to a sweet message from a cute guy with a rant about Rick Santorum, I had managed to set up a date with a guy who had a ketchup bottle for his profile picture, and I’d put up way too many childhood pictures of myself. I realized that while I hadn’t harmed anyone this time, I certainly hadn’t done any good.

So with you as my witness, I’m making this promise: next time I come home alone after a few drinks and am tempted to open up my laptop, I will remind myself that I could seriously harm myself or others… or at least, sabotage my already suffering dating life.

Don’t do it. Don’t drink and online date.

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