DIY Antiseptic Ointment

This is a great DIY ointment for cuts and scrapes. It’s natural and you know what’s going in it. In other words, you can actually pronounce the ingredients. Yay for that! I also use candelilla wax, so it’s vegan friendly.

Lemon is antibacterial and has antiviral properties. Tea tree oil acts as an antibiotic and chamomile is anti-inflammatory. I made a batch with small metal containers and put them in reusable snack bags, along with a few cotton swabs, and bandages. I keep one in my purse and one in my husband’s backpack.

This ointment is a great alternative to what you could buy in a store. Enjoy!

3 tablespoons candelilla wax
1 cup sweet almond oil
1/2 teaspoon tea tree oil
20 drops chamomile extract
10 drops lemon essential oil
1/4 teaspoon vitamin E oil
clean containers for ointment

On very low heat, melt candelilla wax and sweet almond oil. Stir with a wooden popsicle stick. Remove from heat and the remaining ingredients. Stir again with a popsicle stick.

Pour the mixture into small, sterilized jars with tight fitting lids and allow to cool completely. Keep stored in a cool, dark place. Will keep for approx. 3 years.

Tip: You can go here and here for the required ingredients.