Defending My Little Badass

Sadie Roy Silver was born on June 23, 2009.   She’s named after my Grandpa Roy.

Now, I know it’s out of fashion to brag about one’s kid but… she’s a badass. She wears nothing but jeans on bottom, short-sleeved superhero t-shirts on top, and her electric blue “soccer shoes” or her Toy Story Crocs on her feet.

For Halloween, she dressed as Spiderman. For Pajama Day at her preschool, she wore her airplane jammies. For Storybook Dress Up Day, she was the Big Bad Wolf.

On a trip to the west coast last year, she yawned through It’s a Small World at Disneyland and only started to show some enthusiasm once she road Lightening McQueen in CA Adventure.

The only pink item she owns is the helmet she wears when riding her bright blue kick scooter, her preferred mode of transportation.

At bedtime, she prefers to wind down with “Walter the Farting Dog” and “My Truck is Stuck”.

Her new toddler bed is adorned with none other than Buzz, Woody & Spidey.