Custom Jewelry For Everyday

I was fortunate enough to sample some of Julia Parker’s handmade jewelry for What The Flicka review. Not only are my pieces unique, Julia is charming and Southern, though she resides in California. She helped me with measuring my hand so that the custom made bracelets would fit me just right.

I mean how lovely is her accent? And is she.

The particular bracelet I wore is called the Bond Bangles, the Mother Daughter Bangles.

“The concept behind these bangles began when I wanted to give a gift to my friend who just had her second daughter. I hoped to give something meaningful and long lasting. So I made one bangle for her and one for each of her daughters. My hope was that her daughters would see her wearing the three bracelets as they grew and that one day, she would hand them the bracelet that was intended for them. I wanted them to have a reminder of their youth, of their mom and of their sister as they became women of their own right and went out into the world. Now the connection has expanded and I love making the bangles for women who want to celebrate their sisters, best friends, bridesmaids, or any of the other special women in their lives. They are an elegant way to honor your bond and still look beautiful.”

In Julia’s hand written note to me when the bracelets arrived she told me that part of the beauty of these is that you can wear them daily, they can go swimming with you and plunging into the soapy dishwater despite being made of fine silver.

“These bangles are made of fine silver. This means they contain 99.9 percent silver versus sterling silver which is composed of 92.5 percent silver.”

Julia has other pieces that I already have my eye on such as this piece from her “Numeral Bracelet” Collection.

I enjoy the sound they make when they touch and find them elegant yet unique because of the way they don’t form a “perfect” circle.

I like the idea of handing down a bracelet to my daughter when she grows and I think this is a great idea for a new mom.

Julia is a numerologist and she’ll work with you on a special bracelet just for you.

“I also believe jewelry is an opportunity to express ourselves in a meaningful way. I have created bangles for mothers and daughters, sisters, bridesmaids and best friends so you can share a part of one another in a stylish way. The Numeral line was created with numbers discreetly symbolized within the pieces. Numbers hold special meanings and purpose and a piece from the Numeral collection will serve as a reminder of the things you seek or seek to be in your life. I am a numerologist, so I am happy to work with you on how numbers directly pertain to you. We can determine your personal life number, the number of your partner, your children or any important events in your life. The piece can be a representation of who you are and what your life is about.”

A big thank you to Julia for letting me sample her jewelry. It is exquisite and so is she.