The Breast VS Bottle Debate

There has been some recent talk about breast vs. bottle when it comes to feeding our babies. Here’s my two cents, for what it’s worth.

Who cares, and really whose business is it anyways what you choose to do?

It is your body, your baby. You have to do what feels best.

Sometimes that is the bottle.

For some people, they don’t even get a choice.

Who are we to judge? Being a mom is hard enough as it is, we should be supporting one another, not tearing someone down for their personal choice. Honestly it should not take someone having had breast cancer to make it okay that they are choosing to bottle-feed.

I applaud Emily Wax-Thibodeaux for bringing the conversation to the front of everyone’s minds. She has allowed mom’s everywhere to breathe and know, you are doing the best you can, way to go. Raising another human being is not easy and we should all be working together to take care of each other.

This post was originally featured on Melissa’s blog, Los Angeles Mom

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