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5 Signs Your Kid is Reading The Hunger Games

Is it strangely quiet in your house lately? Are your kids burying their noses in a book for hours at a time? If so, there is a strong possibility that they’ve been bitten by The Hunger Games bug. Don’t worry–it’s...Read More
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    Happy Hump Day! Celebrate being half way to the weekend by treating yourself to a delicious cocktail. We’ve got the perfect recipe for you: it’s fruity, sweet, and best of all, it’s easy to make. Just throw everything in a...

  • Ten Ways Motherhood Has Made Me Dumber

    I know everyone makes mistakes. However, it seems that, since becoming a mother, my goof-ups occur more frequently. I’ve had a couple of doozies recently. For example, I recently ordered groceries online, but forgot to hit “SUBMIT...

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    Felicity Huffman's What The Flicka? - Book Review: Juvie
    Bryanne E. Salazar

    Book Review: Juvie

    “Maybe not being guilty wasn’t the same as being innocent.” For Sadie Windas, the line between innocence and guilt is so faint; it is hard to see the difference.

    Sadie’s journey of self discovery begins with the kind of decision no good kid should have to make, whether or not to take the fall for her sister’s wrongdoing. READ MORE

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  • The 7 Nutrients You Need While Pregnant (And Which To Avoid)

    Pregnancy is an incredibly sacred time. Your body is changing and accommodating to grow a precious, beautiful life within....

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    Not-Quite-Tween Books

    When my Mother died almost three years ago, along with my world turning inside out, I somehow developed an appetite for young adult literature. I am sure I wanted something comforting and captivating. I revisited old favorites and found new...Read More
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  • Getting It Off My Chest

    I swore I’d never have kids. I was in my 20′s, full of hope and cynical as hell. I thought people that had kids were selfish, afraid to fade into obscurity and hoping to live on in their children. I thought it took much more cou...

  • Fizzy Bath Bombs

    I used to love bath bombs when I was younger (still do) and now my 3 year-old loves them just as much. She gets a kick out of seeing them fizz in the bath water. These bath bombs were...