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Rugrat Reads: Sky Color

I found another great book for the rugrats in our lives, or, as some people call them, 3-6 year olds. Sky Color by Peter H. Reynolds is my next new favorite that will be added to the old favorites. It’s a sweet, lively story about Marisol, who loves to draw and paint. She is creative and expresses her creativity through her art and through her clothes and through her belief that everyone is an artist. But when she is assigned to Read More

Rugrat Reads

Rugrat Reads: This Is Not My Hat

My friend’s daughter just turned three. We throw a birthday party for her every year at our house, and it’s a wonderful tradition. Every year I give her books, since reading and being read to are some of my favorite things to do with my two girls. I usually give books that were the classic favorites of my family, but this year, I found a sweet book that is perfect for the 3-5 year old set. Read More

Rugrat Reads

Young Readers: Dr. Seuss

I love reading Dr. Seuss to my 3 year-old and it’s one of the few time that she’ll actually stay still for a bit to listen. I started collecting Dr. Seuss books before the little hummingbird was born and enjoy all of them. Here are some of our favorites: Read More

Rugrat Reads

Young Readers

I took my 3 year-old to the library recently and while she loved playing “let’s see how many books I can take off the shelves so I can keep my mom on her toes,” I spotted a few books that I loved as a kid and a few I’ve never read and still want to. I actually squealed when I spotted the Read More

Rugrat Reads

Toddler Books

At my house we all got hit with colds this past week. I’m blaming the Easter Bunny. Every year he hops to our houses and gives us all kinds of treats, but do we really know where his hands have been? I’m not sure I’d want to know. Maybe next year I’ll leave out a bottle of Purrell right next to his carrots. Yesterday I was finally able to get my 3 year-old to stop running laps around the house and wiping snot everywhere by telling her we’re playing a game. It’s called lets lie down in bed and read which is usually code for mama is about to drop dead and needs to rest. Read More