The Big Issue That Moms Should Be Talking About… But Aren’t

I am passionate about car crashes.

Did you know car crashes are the #1 cause of death to young people? That 40,000 kids are treated each year in emergency room for pedestrian-car accidents?

Did you know that 1800 children die each year in auto crashes (that’s just the USA) and that around 700 youngsters are struck and killed by car accidents (BTW stop calling them accidents) each year? (Keep Your Child

Around 100 children each year are abducted and killed at the hand of a stranger.

Compare those numbers and think about what you talk about with your friends, what you worry about.

I believe our kids are incredibly frustrated because we don’t allow them to walk around and play like we did because they want that independence we had.

While child abductions are down, car crashes are up, way up. It’s a global epidemic that goes un-talked about.

I became a vocal activist a few years ago. I’m writing to urge you to become one too. We cry when kids die, we fight for kids when they are given a death sentence via cancer.

Yet we still talk on our phones while we drive. You know that’s not safe right? You know handsfree isn’t safe too, right?

If you really can’t stop talking and driving and especially if you are a mother you really need to sit down and have a heart to heart with yourself.

Once you do that, here is something else you can do if you are like many of the frustrated moms I talk to who say people drive way too fast in their neighborhoods.

1. Hold a meeting.

I did this. I typed up a letter and put it into 70 mailboxes. 10 people showed up, including a reporter from the local news. I did a little research and let them know about the great signs from Keep Kids Alive Drive 25. I actually bought 10 of them and sold all of them at the meeting.

2. Email someone.

Email your principal, an elected officer, a news reporter. Let them know you are wanting people to change their ways – that car crashes should be in the spotlight.

3. Stop calling them accidents.

Most car crashes are preventable. The media makes it sound as if “cars are veering” off roads as if they are alive like the car from “Christine.” We are alive – we are not doing enough to prevent these crashes.

4. Model good behavior.

Your kids are watching. The #1 cause of death to teens – no surprise – car crashes. Use your phone while driving? So will your kids. Tailgate? Speed? So will your kids.

5. If you are a blogger, blog about it, tweet about it.

This issue gets very little recognition.

You might have fabulous ideas, let me know.

It’s a sad fact that our kids can barely walk, run and scoot outside because it’s so damn dangerous due to pathetic humans and our driving behaviors.

I beg you to think about this issue.

It should reign with children’s cancer. It is curable though; for the most part we could be preventing most of these crashes.

77 teens die weekly in car crashes. That’s terrifying.

Please visit my site for more info and thanks for listening to me. I’m a hesitant activist who wears bras.

And as always, drive safely.

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