5 Romantic Places To Kiss Your Sweetie

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Every woman fantasizes about that perfect kiss …the one that remains forever etched in our memories, a smoldering passion burned deep into our souls. It’s the kiss of Prince Charming. A moment in time when our guards drop and desires roam free.

“But there was something about that grip. Commanding. Hard. It spoke to her every secret fantasy that lived in the dark shadows inside of her. The parts of her that didn’t want a sweet kiss at midnight from Prince Charming. The parts that had always craved things she’d never quite understood.”

For Katy Michaels, that perfect kiss just might be from the lips of Austin Treffen, a privileged New Yorker surrounded by corruption and living in a world shrouded by secrecy. Their paths cross in the new book Avenge Me by USA Today Bestselling author Maisey Yates (published by Harlequin). Part of the Fifth Avenue trilogy, Avenge Me centers on the desires that ignite between Katy and Austin, amidst scheming and treachery. The moment their eyes meet, a fury of longing erupts. But would they ever share that perfect, once-in-a-lifetime kiss or would Austin’s insatiable thirst for revenge destroy their chance at romance?

Should love prevail, for Katy or any woman, a kiss from Prince Charming should be unforgettable. The setting and mood makes all the difference! Inspired by the book, here are six perfect places to kiss:

 What The Flicka? Summer Book Club: 5 Romantic Places To Kiss Your SweetieUnder the Fifth Avenue Sign (Manhattan)

For Katy and Austin, a kiss under the Fifth Avenue sign would symbolize a luxurious, upscale love affair. Nighttime provides a quintessential backdrop. There is something glorious about being engaged in a passionate kiss, while the lights of New York City glisten all around you. In the city that never sleeps, that moment in time stands still.

Lying Atop a Grassy Hill, Overlooking the Ocean or Countryside

Love is the pinnacle of life. And kisses are the seeds of romance. Watch love blossom with a passionate kiss atop a beautiful grassy hill overlooking the ocean or vast countryside. Don’t forget the wine!

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At the Foot of a Covered Bridge

Covered bridges are magical places. Inside you’ll find centuries-old love notes carved into tender beams and the whispers of lovers past luring you to kiss your beloved. What a perfect setting for romance!

In the Rain, Dripping Wet

There is nothing sexier, more indulgently pleasing than a kiss in the rain while dripping wet. Lust and love really do collide! While everyone else runs for shelter, time will stop for the two of you. It’s erotic and very surreal.

On the Terrace of a Tall Building at Midnight

Far above the rest of the world, with the moon and stars shining down, live like there’s no tomorrow. A tall building in Manhattan or another glamorous city around the world, provides an intimate, yet thrilling location to kiss.

When you finally lock lips with your Prince Charming, no matter where it is, embrace it. The memory will be with you for a lifetime.

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